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"The Virtual Pink Sisters are absolutely AWESOME!!! Their work is excellent, their creativity is unbelievable, and their dedication to help directors is incredible!!! They are on top of their game and they look for ways to help us (Directors)!! I HIGHLY recommend them to all directors! It's like having another YOU in your office at all times!! Thanks sooooooooo much to their entire staff for making my life easier this year!!
Thanks a million!!"

~Love...Pam Pruitt, Fut Exec Sr Director


"During my 30 years as a director, I have tried many newsletter services. Laura is the best!! Very dependable! Excellent service!!"

~Annette Pace, Director (Diamond Go Give)


"I love my Virtual Pink Sister Assistants! They are so creative and are the true voice of my newsletters (unit catalogs)! I tell them what I'm thinking and they transfer it so well to paper. They are so professional, it's very impressive. Thank you VPSA!"

~Leah Taylor, Director


"Laura, I have truly enjoyed making a change in the presentation of my unit's efforts. The news catalog is easily handled and my consultants love it. Thanks for the professional job you do! It makes me look good too."

~Elaine Hipsher, Senior Director


"The Virtual Pink Sisters are great! They always have the newsletter done on time and get it out to my consultants quickly. It is professionally done and looks great. They also have great ideas to share and are current and up to date with all the Mary Kay products and contests. And, the customer newsletter is fabulous - also very professionally done and my customers really enjoy receiving it. Plus, the postcards they send to my consultants for reminders are beautiful and fun to receive. Thanks Virtual Pink Sisters for doing a great job and making my life easier!" Hugs!

~Diane Burton, Sr Sales Director


"Having Virtual Pink Sisters' service takes so much off my mind plus saves me time. Love the newsletter service! The post cards being sent is just wonderful. I also appreciate that they do my Action Items on intouch. It's the best!"

~Karen Fackler, Sales Director, PA


"I love the services that Virtual Pink Sisters provide. They truly live up to their name. "Sisters". The extra special personal family touch that they all put into what they do for us is unmatched by any other vendor that I have worked with thus far to help us build our units!! My Unit Loves the newsletter and can't wait to get it every month. They actually read it now since it is filled with so much more than ever before and just to think they do this for me. What a Blessing! Thank you again my Virtual Pink Sisters!"

~ Toni Zaino, Future Executive Sr Director

"The secret is constructive action, placing a value on your time and learning to balance and budget your time. Treat it as if it were gold, which it is. Remember that one intense hour is worth a dreamy day. Allow yourself enough time to do each job properly, but don't be afraid to delegate authority and to employ help when it's necessary."

~ Mary Kay Ash